Deirdre Kelley Lic Ac. Dipl Ac CCh

About Me

imageDeirdre Kelley Lic Ac. has spent over 11 years providing health and wellness to her patients, first as a Certified Veterinary Nurse working with companion animals and wildlife, and now as an acupuncturist for both humans, as well as animals.

Deirdre is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture and is licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine to provide Acupuncture. Deirdre is the 2010 recipient of the “Compassionate Healer” Award, given to one student at graduation who exemplifies a practitioner who provides a safe and secure environment for the healing and growth of his/her patients. Deirdre provides a hands on and highly individual Japanese Style acupuncture treatment to each and every one of her patients. Rooted in the belief that each person is an individual and that the body is always evolving, each treatment is specially suited to the needs of the patient in that moment. With the use of Japanese Style abdominal palpation and pulse diagnosis, she is able to feel and listen to the body through her fingers allowing for in the moment changes that both patient and practitioner can feel. Deirdre has a special interest in nutrition, has been learning whole foods nutrition for both humans as well as companion animals and is always including diet and lifestyle in her acupuncture treatments.

Deirdre is currently a Teaching Assistant at the New England School of Acupuncture in the Orthopedic, Living Anatomy, and Japanese styles courses. She is currently an Acupuncture Resident at All CAre Hospice providing acupuncture to patients recieving hospice care. She has previouisly been a visiting supervisor at the Boston Medical Center in an MD clinical training program, and has worked at a RA for several Acupuncture Research projects. She has spent 1 yr assisting with Kiiko Matsumoto, creator of Scientific Acupuncture allowing for the sharpening and solidification of Japanese palpation, moxabustion and needling techniques. 

 Deirdre enjoys working with a wide range of conditions and has special interest in orthopedic and muscular pain as well as auto immune disorders, digestive complaints, and food allergies. Deirdre will work hard to educate patients on how they can be an active participant in their health as well as provide a relaxing, restoring, and healing acupuncture experience.

 Deirdre Kelley Lic Ac. blogs about medicinal food and acupuncture.